Personal worth and philosophy is showing in your health

dsc01601Something I have come to realize over the last little is how my personal state of worth is always showing in my health. My personal self worth and philosophy is out there for everyone to see and so is yours. How so many people will neglect their health over so many other things is lost on me these days. Work, kids, running errands and all sorts of other things are more important then living a long and healthy life. It seems like health is always the first thing people will sacrifice when it comes to their personal philosophy and where they spend there time and how they make decisions. In today’s age of the human population being rittled with disease, being over weight and sick this is the last thing that should take a back seat to other areas of their lives. Those especially those who live in countries of prosperity have no excuse. Your personal philosophy is showing whether you want it to or not in that beer gut hanging over your pants.

“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live” – Jim Rohn,

What a quote by one of my favorite mentors and it is so true. Yet the general population lives like they have 9 lives. Smoking, junk food, excess sugar and salt, deep fried fat, sedentary life style and working long stagnant hours in a chair only to come home after work to the couch are taking over the daily grind.

I hate to tell you, but your personal self worth shows on the outside despite what your mother told you about being beautiful on the inside. If you are out of shape, over weight, sick and unhealthy with poor habits and choices making up the majority of your daily life I think its time for a change. These symptoms on the outside show your lack of discipline and laziness. They show that how you feel about your self is tolerated despite you feeling shitty about it.

I hate to call people out that are looking unhealthy but how can you make good choices in the rest of your life if you can’t even make a simple decision to have an apple instead of a candy bar once and awhile? Don’t worry though. I wouldn’t call you out if I hadn’t been there myself first to show why I know this.

Rewind 5 years, my life choices where showing to everyone like a big sore thumb. I was over weight at almost 220 pounds, my skin was terrible, my energy was low, my motivation was dwindling and my body was showing every poor choice I had made for the last few years. McDonalds drive through instead of eating at home, wasting money on crappy food and spending countless hours watching TV and other useless crap instead of working out, spending time with my wife and bettering myself. It wasn’t just my body that was suffering; those choices always show up in other aspects of my life. I wasn’t performing at work and my boss noticed, I was tired all the time so never wanted to go out and my life was just not feeling very fulfilled. Those were my low points of my poor personal philosophy. Just take a look at a few of these pictures. Brutal! You can read me like a book. You become so used to your bad choices you just start coasting through them. Before you know it its Sunday night and you have had McDonalds 6 times through the week, didn’t work out, had no energy at work so you performed poorly and all of a sudden your wife says you should probably start getting back into shape and you feel like the world is out to get you. When in fact it’s your fault!


My first holiday 2012. looking chubs

 Changing your approach starts with education, not inspiration. If you want to live a long and healthy life you need to take your health as your number one priority. At the end of the day if you die of a heart attack from being 100 pounds over weight it probably didn’t matter that you chose ever other thing over your health. Getting in some Netflix instead of your workout first was probably not the best idea when you’re in the hospital bed.

To get healthy you need to start a personal growth plan with education on nutrition and fitness and start implementing healthy habits and deleting the bad ones. Make it a choice to develop your personal philosophy for health. Education starts the motivation process.

Raise your set point by educating yourself with great information and taking in as much resources as possible. Here’s how I changed my personal philosophy over time to make health my priority and to start living like I should.

Read books: I have about 15 vegan cook books and cook every night. I have 3 excellent books on nutrition and so many fitness programs to choose from and pick routines from. I am always reading to gain knowledge and always implementing what I have learned. There is always something to add to your personal growth library

I Follow healthy people: once you have started to educate yourself, start following those with similar interests on social media or others in your life circle that have the good habits you want. There are so many great people in all fields of fitness and nutrition to help you stay inspired and keep you on track. Once your educated inspiration is easy because you understand how and why people become goal oriented and successful

Get a success workout buddy: This is huge. When my brother is training with my I can totally feel a difference in my intensity and attitude towards my training. I try extra hard knowing he is there pushing me. Accountability is most peoples issue and staying on track. My wife helped me change my diet; she was a vegetarian for over 12 years and eventually became vegan. She kept me accountable in changing my piss poor diet and learning about nutrition. It was hard to hit the McDonalds drive through when she was enjoying a salad beside me. Having a partner to go on your journey with keeps it competitive and fun.

Stay away from the enablers: don’t want to go back to the McDonalds drive through? Stay the heck away from those who do, or only be around those people when they aren’t doing the bad habits you are trying to avoid. It is difficult; I have a lot of friends that still do these things but to cope I only hang during activities that meet my personal values. Influence is powerful.

Purchase all the info: There are tones of resources. Buy everything and mash as much together as you like and pick and choose things you want to add to your routine while always looking for fresh ideas. Sticking with one cook book, workout or fitness program is boring. I must have 30 beach body programs, 20 fitness eBooks from online trainers and 10 different yoga programs. I love variety. Every time there is a new vegan cook book released I buy it, every time there is a new fitness program or idea I snatch it up and implement something to help keep me moving forward. Never put a price on your health. Investing in your self always has the greatest returns. A lot of people want to improve their situations but not themselves. Start your personal education

Make it about the journey, not the destination: My journey started when I was only 15 years old. It’s developed every day since then with a tone of ups and downs. You never meet the perfect you and sometimes you may even regress but as long as you track and move forward and tweak it as you go you will see where you stand. I will never “arrive” for me it’s about learning and growing. Just aim to be better then you were yesterday. Make it a journey of self full filament to be the best you can be. Don’t get discouraged. Set backs happen. You could miss 10 workouts in a row but that’s no reason to quit, it was just an obstacle in your journey. Jump back in again and get back at it. Enjoy all the books and the resources all the meals and all the workouts. Healthy living is very rewarding when you start to reap the benefits of feeling and looking amazing. You will soon notice that with your most important aspect of your life (your health) under control everything else will start to fall in place. When you shine on the outside you start making better decisions for the rest of your life on the inside




My last holiday 2016 on a new personal philosophy, getting a workout in no matter what



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