Ah time. The one thing that everyone has in common and yet everyone uses so differently.

Its also the one thing that baffles me about people today. I will be the first to admit I was not the best with time early in my goal setting habits but still didn’t waste it like most people do these days. However after really getting into goal setting and personal development, you really start to understand how time management is less about managing time and more about managing you. Far to often in all faucets of life, work, sports, social events or just in a public setting you can always hear someone going on about “how busy” they are or how they have no time to accomplish such things as working out, eating healthy, spending time quality time with their spouse or really anything else most people would consider difficult to be consistent with these days. There are always excuses but usually its as simple as ” I just don’t have the time” As a society it must be one of the most poorly managed things on the planet. Don’t believe me see below… These same people who don’t have any time to accomplish anything other then the brutal routines of their “daily lives” of pain tasks ( like sitting in lines ) are almost always 100% these people. carsIt’s Saturday morning and the first thing all these people do is go sit in the Costco gas parking lot for 30 minutes waiting to get gas. These same people have no ability to assess the difference between their prevent pain tasks ( like this ) and gain tasks that actually move them in a forward direction in life. These same people will then go through the McDonalds drive through later that day because they have no time to make a healthy dinner not laden with crap chemicals. This then compounds into laziness from eating crap food, which ends them up on the couch watching tv and therefore never moving a muscle to accomplish something of meaning that day.

Why is it people have no time these days, yet countless people have time to do the above? It blows my mind. Is sitting in the Costco parking lot for 30 minutes ok for you? If it is you need a wake up call and should read my blog. If its not, kudos to you, you don’t need to read this.

Those who suffer from no time syndrome need to take a step back and start understanding and assessing the cost of opportunity. The cost it is for you to be like every other normal person in this picture. waiting in long lines, commuting, watching tv, sitting at a bar drinking etc. The examples are endless. Just watch life around you and you will see it.

Working out, eating healthy, cooking dinner, spending time with your kids, writing a blog, going for a bike ride with your spouse, all these things are completely doable with time to spare if you stop being normal. Normal is average. I hate average. Stop excepting the cost of time associated with things like the above picture. If you adopt this mind set and become aware of these things, you will start to see where you are just pissing time away for now reason.

As Jim Rohn said, Time is more valuable then money, you can always get more money but you cannot get more time. You need to use time as a scarce resource and use it effectively to move your self ahead. If your ok with sitting in that parking lot, then you are ok with a mediocre results and have no right to complain about your situation.

When you finally realize this and you tie it to your goals, in this case since this is a fitness blog, weight loss and muscle building, you can see where you can get the time to fit in your workouts every day. You may think you don’t waste it but log your day and see what you really are doing. Are you ok waiting in long lines when really you could just pick a better time for you to do something and be done quickly? Have you ever gone shopping on a Tuesday at 930 pm? You should, NO ONE IS THERE, instead they are waiting for their one day off on Saturday to spend it in the Costco gas line up. How about your commute? Is it long? Do you listen to radio and useless news? Maybe instead, listen to what you need to improve on your fitness journey, Nutrition advice diets, and other interesting pod casts, motivational talks on health etc. The opportunities are endless.

Stop bs’ing yourself that you don’t have time to be healthy, get fit and make your own nutritious meals. I guarantee you are doing numerous things that are stealing your life without even knowing how much it is costing you. I’ll tell you now, it is costing you the time to do things that actually matter that keep you healthy and fit and move you ahead.

As soon as I finally realized these principles I went from the first picture, to the second by finding the time in my “busy” schedule to eat better, work out more, and get healthy. I used to barely work out 2-3 times a week. Now I have more then enough time to train 6-7 times a week, play sports, practice yoga, go for runs, cook amazing meals, write blogs, enjoy time with my amazing wife and adorable dog while while always looking for ways to improve my productivity. Take back your time and use it for you, its the only thing you have to use in getting results you want. beforeafter

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