What is a “Homefitness addict”

blog2Someone asked me the other day what a “home fitness addict” is. Since I named our company after it, and preach it all the time, it was an excellent question and got me thinking. You see I have been developing myself as a home fitness addict for years. It’s not something that happens over night. It is a relentless dedication to the future you. It’s a never quite, never be satisfied attitude.

But for someone new it may be hard for them at first to understand. It’s an obsession with becoming the best you can be. You really have a change of mind set when you become a home fitness addict. You understand time constraints and value your goals more then the obstacles you face to achieve them. By deciding to go this journey at home instead of the gym you become one of the few who understands how important time is to your success and the secret of most successful people. Which is making things so easy you can’t fail? Let me show you what I mean

Every day I get up at 6 am and I start my workout. I literally walk down my 20 stairs. No driving for 20 minutes, no cold weather, no crappy gym. Within 2 minutes of waking I am more motivated then most people having to get to the gym. For me, it’s always cardio this early in the morning. Some guys can do weights and some do Cardio, I choose cardio as its still early and my fat burn in a fasted state (see my fasted cardio eBook) is perfect for staying lean. At noon I go down to my deserted work gym a tiny room with a bench pull up bar and TV and I put in a DVD from beach body and I do another light workout. Usually in the 20-25 minute range. I love this. If you haven’t tried a lunch workout you have too. Its refreshing way to have a mid day spark. I then continue to work until 4. In half the day I think I am already starting to look like an addict.

When 4 pm comes around I head home for my “main workouts” (I can already hear people calling me F-ing crazy) my main workouts are barbell style 5×5 strength routine and calisthenics. Calisthenics being my main form of training for strength and fitness. (Check out our own garage calisthenics program launching soon) I do this usually for about an hour. Its then off to regular life, making dinner, spending time with my wife and dog, writing fitness blogs, and running my other side truck business. You know regular Joe stuff.

Now the above doesn’t seem normal or average, but you’re probably just like me. You have a regular job, spouse, kids, house to clean, etc. The difference is your personal understanding of time management and what it takes to meet your fitness goals. By training at home you make it easy to not fail. It’s just training. Its not driving, its not waiting for equipment, its not judgment, it’s the comfort of your home on your terms and time.

You know the number one reason people don’t go to the gym? Time. Who has time to drive there, wait for machines, see a personal trainer, do cardio and weights and then come home?

I drove by a gym the other day and it was packed with people at about 7 pm at night. At 7 pm at night I want to be relaxing and recovering for my next day, not being at a gym in its busiest time of day.

Becoming a home fitness addict is about taking responsibility for your time. It’s taking control of your health without crappy gym memberships annoying people all around you asking if you can “work in this set” having crappy music playing on the PA, sweaty nasty machines and it’s about accountability.

The amount of people that dog fuck at the gym astonishes me. I only go to the gym once a year. Its on holidays when I am at a resort for my out of country holiday ( yah I workout on my holiday ) and I see the same type of people every time on their phones, half assing the treadmill walking, doing “cardio” its little wonder most people don’t reach their goals. They go to the gym for 2 hours and accomplish about actual 20 minutes of training.

Beach body programs jam more into a half hour routine like insanity then most people does in a week at the gym. Its one of my staples for staying in shape. It’s what I recommend for home fitness addicts who are short on time and want to get it done.

To become a home fitness addict you have to let go of all the bs. The stereotypical gym goers. You need to understand time is precious. There’s no time to drive to the gym, wait for machines etc. Those are non value added activities. Walk down to your garage which takes 30 seconds, pop in a DVD, do garage calisthenics, do YouTube videos whatever but just do it. Get it done and move on. By working out at home it gives you so much more options for your own personal journey. You can make a goal board, like mine here, your own music, your own programs and your own passion. No judgment no bs. Becoming a home fitness addict was the best decision I ever made.

From this point forward this blog and our goal is to inspire and influence people to take control of their health and fitness by becoming home fitness addicts. Not casual gym goers who never seem to reach there goals as they don’t have time. Not people who always start but never finish, not people who feel like they don’t deserve to be healthy and have the body and fitness they want.


Stay tuned for more……




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