Are you a Beer league bum?

IMG_2391Are you a beer league bum?


Pretty bold question, but are you? Are you a beer league weekend warrior that plays soft ball, hockey, soccer, or some other sport and you’re the guy no one wants on your team, because you’re out of shape, slow, and useless?

Yah I know who you are. I have them on a few of teams I have played on. I have higher standards for myself than that. Look I get it. When we are older and playing beer league it’s “for fun” we are having a recreational experience. It’s to get away from the daily grind. The reality you have where your boss is a jerk, your job sucks and your weekend game is just to hang with the guys and have a beer. But you know what I don’t get? How you still don’t want to experience what you are doing in some fashion of performance. Sucking at something isn’t fun.

Why would you want to be the guy that the other team has its entire strategy around? To expose you as a sack of meat wearing the jersey for some reason that can’t help his team in any way shape or form. every time your on the feild the other team points to where to send the next play. Why do you want to be fat, slow, weak and useless? This makes zero sense to me. In fact if you took care of yourself and your health you wouldn’t be that guy at all. In fact you would be on your way to being the ringer who everyone says they can’t believe is in the shape they are in, or how good they are for their age wishing they had your “genes”

Barely making it through a shift at your weekend hockey game because you are out of breath after one skate up the ice with the puck, barely getting the puck on net with your shot because you have the core strength of an 80 year old, hitting the softball with as much force as a 3 year old at tee ball, being so slow on the soccer field that you never even touch the ball or having your giant beer gut get in the way of actually having fun sounds like a horrible “recreational” experience. If that sounds like you, you are the beer league bum. May be time to do something about it.

I love sports. I have had that passion since I was a kid and I always wanted to be the best. I carry the same mentality into my 30s. I’ll never be the best of course but it’s not the point. The point is I keep myself in the best possible shape I can be in to perform. Heck yes it’s for fun every weekend when I head to the rink. But you know what’s even more fun? Having the strength, stamina and body to actually compete and make it through a game without feeling like I am a hinder to my team or worse going to need a defibrillator half way through.

I don’t know how it is fun at all when I see guys on the teams I play on  and others that never touch the puck, or ball or dont get on base because they physically can’t. They are to out of shape and It goes even further than that. Do you want to be able to walk upstairs on your own accord when you are 50, 60 or 70? How about being in the best shape of your life into those years? It starts now when you realize you have some work to do.

What habits you develop now will carry you through your later years so you can still enjoy recreation when you are older. Being 30 or 40 and being a beer league bum is just unacceptable for your family, health and future.

So what’s the solution? Start developing a mind set to improve your fitness and health. Start working out through the week not just as a weekend warrior. No one can ever convince me they don’t have 30 minutes a day to workout. If Richard Branson has 30 minutes a day to work out running 400 companies so do you. Drop the beer to maybe one or two after a game instead of 5-8. Or not at all, that crap is bad for your health. It’s doing nothing but making you a fat, beer league bum. Eat healthier. Start actually eating foods that fuel you instead of burger and fries before and after a game. Those small choices alone will help you start shedding that beer league bum mentality. If you’re a smoker, what is it 1950? You know that kills you right? Give your head a shake. Enjoy the game, but serious get away from being the guy who is one shift away from a hospital visit. End of my rant today.



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