More gear for your home fitness journey

In my last post I spoke about what gear would be ideal for your home fitness journey. The basics to get first to be most effective. Its important to have the foundation you will need at home to build your health and fitness in the best way possible. But you can always add more! Below is some of the gear that I found added to my progress and enabled me to push my limits and keep your routines creative and fun.

Dip bar: having a set of dip bars is a great addition to your home gym. Dipping Is in the garage calisthenic program and is one of the best upper body strength moves. You can make your own quite easily in many ways. metal, pvc pipe etc. so if you strapped on a budget see if you can throw one together yourself.

Weighted belt: as you get stronger, you will want to continue to add weight to moves like pulls ups, dips, chin ups and a weighted belt is your best bet. Make sure its heavy duty, because you are following a proper strength progression protocol you will be needing almost 100 pounds on this bad boy sooner than later

Weighted vest: I use weighted vests for things we can you the belt with. One example being a weighted muscle up. Or jump rope. Its good to have and you don’t have to have anything crazy heavy. 20-30 pounds is plenty.

Jump rope: My fav cardio and calf workout has got to be jumping rope. You do 15-20 minutes and you will be just drenched in sweat. It is also a perfect warm up exercise to get your blood flowing and total body warm.

Punching bag: whats more fun then whaling on something? But seriously jump rope and hitting the bag is an amazing cardio workout and a tonne of fun. There is a reason boxers do it to burn fat. It works.

Agility ladder: some of the most fun routines I have done is with an agility ladder. I first got into it with Beachbodys insanity asylum, but have since then made my own routines for hockey agility and foot work. very fun for creative cardio routines.

Weighted Ball: the weighted balls are great calisthenics tools. 8-12 pounds is perfect to help in uni balanced training where you are trying to add more leverage to one side of the body.

Ab wheel roller: Ab wheel is one of the best core movements you can do. so getting an ab roller is a great pick up.

Don’t look at this list and go, how am I ever going to get all this or afford it or whatever. Just add those things that you will benefit where you are in your fitness level now. You will know it is the right time when you need it or want to add something new.


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